Ramadhan 1437


Alhamdulillah, we’ve given the chance to meet another Ramadhan this year, and hopefully yours have been better than last year’s. I always remember on my senior year in high school, some other girls and I will say to each other “Next year, raya overseas eh”, macam mantra that yeah, we’re gonna fly off right after spm. Naive 17 years old me. But only three years later am I be able to actually experience Ramadhan and In shaa Allah, Eid outside Malaysia.

Today marks the 21st Ramadhan, and I should be 21 times better than last month, according to my Ramadhan project 😅 But even without syaitaan and iblis around, I still think I can do better. Ramadhan has different meanings to each of us. While fasting increases our taqwa, Ramadhan should make us closer to Quran. This can be done in thousands of ways. I won’t list my goals, because maluuu laa i’m not ready yet 🙈, but I’ll list some ideas to help you around:

  1. Read more Quran, have a niat to khatam at least once this Ramadhan.
  2. Memorize at least Juz Amma.
  3. Read the translation.
  4. Read the tafseer. Here’s a complete pdf of tafseer ibn kathir: here or here
  5. If you don’t have that much time, you can listen to the tafseer by Brother Nouman Ali Khan, which can be downloaded here. These are only tafseer of several surahs in the Quran.
  6. Watch a playlist of Get to Know series, which explains the layers of meaning and context of thirty Surahs from the Quran also by Brother Nouman Ali Khan. The videos range form 10 to 25 minutes.
  7. If you still don’t have that much time, watch Quranic Germs on Youtube (link here), which explains some ayats (not all) in each Juz in less than 10 minutes. Everyone can take ten minutes off their daily activities to understand words of God’s, right? C’mon, ten minutes guysss.

Those are some of the easy things that can be done to make us closer to the Quran this Ramadhan. I am easily distracted with tv, videos, and animated things, so the most efficient way for me (in getting closer to Quran) is to watch videos on youtube. You, on the other hand, should find your own ways using resources that you already have to keep you motivated and istiqamah in knowing the Quran. If you like to read, there are plenty of books on Quran to read about, some include the Quran of course, the tafseer above, and Khowatir Quraniyah. This one is in Indonesian, but it explains about the meaning of surahs in Quran using simple words, which makes it easier to understand and digest, and highly recommended. No pdf of it though, sorry 😦

By the way, although it is good to improve ourselves during this holy month, please, don’t make it because of Ramadhan. Quoting alia, “bertuhankan Ramadhan ke Allah ni?“. Which means, jangan laa jadi baik sebab Ramadhan, betulkan niat, for Allah, and Allah alone, in shaa Allah 😁

And here’s a video of fasting and taqwa:

I know I should post this at least 20 days earlier. But hopefully it helps someone for the next 9 days of Ramadhan. May our Ramadhan this year makes us better than before, closer to Quran and Allah, and be among the mukminin 😊



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