Post finals thoughts


I tak tahu what I wanna write, but I sure want to write something. So let’s both see where this is going.

I’ve made a lot of thinking this past few days, probably because I had no other stuff to think about (finals over!), or probably it’s that time of the month whereย my emotions swing like crazy, or probablyย this mind’s too crowded and need a little sweep off the corner and re-organize here and there. Whatever the reason, it sure makes me realized how messed up and blessed my life is, at least that’s the view from my window.

Tons of things happened this semester. Our first ever Malaysian Night, taking 16 credits, working 10 hours a week (plus tutoring!), spring roadtrip, usrahs and stuff, women’s group discussion, house hunting, senior’s graduation, and just some random late night conversations that made me thinking for days and weeks. All of which I wish would end up in their own personal posts someday (probably here, probably my other blog). But oh well, I too wish I have more time, or better, amazing knack in writing!

Of all the things that happen, I am most grateful for the second chance(s) given.ย Another homework to make up my 1/10 quiz score, another phone call to say sorry, another treat to become a better friend, another solah to repent my repeated sins, another textย to say I love you, another morning to wake up earlier and be healthy, another smile after another tear, and just another day to live and re-live. One more chance is all I need. Thank you to those who stay, and… GOSH listening to instrumental music really doesn’t help in writing a post ’cause I actually did not plan to write mushy stuff tonight!

*switching to FOB*

Basically yeah, terima kasih jadi kawan saya! โค big hugs for you, now go live your life ๐Ÿ˜›



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