An Intro


This is probably one millionth of my attempts to write a blog. Anyhow, let’s not waste the adrenaline and start writing!

So, a little about myself. My name’s Aini, born and raised in Malaysia. Act like 5 with other people but actually 50 when alone, so bear with me. I’m a rock nerd studying geology in University of Utah (technically love rocks more than humans). Have a huge plan ahead of myself for my education, career, life, and basically everything, but too lazy to work it off. Hopefully all my plans meet their respective finish lines and not just some quit-halfway goals 😔. Because I just love to plan, plan, and plan (but never actually do it 😲). I have traveled to more than 20 countries and excitedly looking forward to 20 more! 🗼

P/S: This blog honestly will mostly benefit me, but I find no wrong in sharing it with others.

P/SS: I write rojak english-malay. Don’t bash me please 😜


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