San Francisco – city of hippies and hipsters

Minggu lepas I had a chance to step my feet (read: jejak kaki 🐾) on California beach, specifically San Francisco!! It was a really rushing 4-day trip, not really impromptu, but yes, too little plan, and less than 3 hours to pack my bag! But, honestly, with the feeling of ‘lantak pi laa, let’s just make this happen’, how a can a living person not love a trip like this? It was a 12-hour driving journey, started at midnight, reached back home at midnight.

Wish you were here 😘

Wish you were here 😘

San Francisco, as stated by others who have and haven’t been was a beaut. No jokes here. With its scenery, salty smell, sea breeze, cultural attractions, colorful and gingerly crafted (and probably cost millions!) buildings, and world-class food, tipu laa if I hadn’t had a great time. We only spent one whole day but pft, you don’t need more than a day to appreciate SF. The first two hours, I wish I lived there, but only for the first two hours because after that (even for someone who claimed as a city lover), I couldn’t handle the crowd, packed buildings, and traffic, seriously the traffic!!! It’s asdfghjklnxnzdidbbiewuvb

SF overall is a pretty awesome place to visit, but not for me to stay. SLC is sufficient, and that’s good enough for me 😁

**The trip was 4 days but eh, we only spent one day at SF? Details on why this is so can be read here**

Since SF is so small (only 49 sq miles), way smaller than penang island, there’s nothing much we did. Here’s a list of where we go, and my favorite tripomeries (= trip memories), in no particular order:

  1. Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 – The first place I step my foot on! It’s the first because this is where you get your taste buds to excitement. Seafood restaurant are plentiful, point your finger to any one of them, they all taste marvelous! There are also Pier 39, Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, Wax Museum and SF Maritime National Historical Park around here, so make sure to discover the area and feed your wanderlust before going to the next point. Oh yes, angin dia kat sini kemain. Seriously, bring sweaters and enjoy the environment!

  2. Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point – You haven’t been to SF if you haven’t gone through the Golden Gate Bridge and took picture here, or at least see it with your own eyes. I mean, this bridge has been destroyed again and again by earthquakes (2012), tsunamis (San Andreas), terminator, aliens (Skyline), giant octopus, and Godzilla! It’s no doubt historical (esp by people in film industry).

    Reapin the U

    Reapin the U

  3. Lombard Street – This is the crookedest and most visited street in San Francisco (it is actually not the crookedest, but yes, the crookedest and most visited). “The steep, hilly street was created with sharp curves to switchback down the one-way hill past beautiful Victorian mansions.   If not for the byzantine curves, easing out this treacherous slope, people could be killed rolling down” more at We didn’t actually get a chance to take a photo here 😔since there were so many cars and people and i was like ergh go away human! If you get so lucky, do share with me! 😊

  4. Lands End – there’s nothing much here except for amazing scenery and the evocative ruins of Sutro Baths (it’s still amazing tho!) and how I get drenched in salt water 😫😫. It’s all started with me wanting to “get a feel” of sand and sea between my toes, kononnya 💁Then, I wanted to feel rocks under my feet (have i told you my obsession towards climbing, touching, and anything with rocks?). Long story short, I basically have to cross the sea water and waves to reach the rocks. So I waited until the water receded, walked there, climbed the top (until afiq said ‘banyak taik laa, tayah laa sampai atas‘), climbed my way back down until the last rock, and waited for my friends at the shore to signal when to get down and walk back, ’cause I dont want to get washed away by the waves ke apa kann. Once the water surut, they were like ‘sekarang!! Cepat aini, cepat2!!’ Apa lagi, kelam kabut laa wehhhh. I jumped straight from the last rock, not knowing the level where I landed was so deep, and wet half my body!!!! 😫😫😫

    Geo-geeks in action. Me climbing down, before drenching half of me 😞

    Geo-geeks in action. Me climbing down before drenching half of me 😞

We went to a whole lot of other places including Coit Tower, Twin Peaks, Starbucks (of course!), painted ladies, etc. And there’s a whole lot of places to visit that definitely, not listed here such as chinatown, aquarium, sf zoo, gay parks (lol), etc.

Overall, I had so much fun gaduh with everyone in the car, slept the whole 12 hours journey there, drove 5 hours back to slc, had sugary-overdosed breakfast at IHOP, had wayyyyy too expensive seafood lunch, did homework and assignments at campsite (i mean, who did that??), and made fun of each other everywhere every time. It’s always the bond, and people that made the best tripomeries. 🌸

An Intro


This is probably one millionth of my attempts to write a blog. Anyhow, let’s not waste the adrenaline and start writing!

So, a little about myself. My name’s Aini, born and raised in Malaysia. Act like 5 with other people but actually 50 when alone, so bear with me. I’m a rock nerd studying geology in University of Utah (technically love rocks more than humans). Have a huge plan ahead of myself for my education, career, life, and basically everything, but too lazy to work it off. Hopefully all my plans meet their respective finish lines and not just some quit-halfway goals 😔. Because I just love to plan, plan, and plan (but never actually do it 😲). I have traveled to more than 20 countries and excitedly looking forward to 20 more! 🗼

P/S: This blog honestly will mostly benefit me, but I find no wrong in sharing it with others.

P/SS: I write rojak english-malay. Don’t bash me please 😜